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On the Farm: Protect Your Pigs from PEDV

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) is a disease that impacts pork populations, causing severe diarrhea and dehydration. Newborn piglets exposed to the disease usually die within a few days, while older pigs face sickness and weight loss.

Frozen Secrets—Food Items to Consider as the Ice Thaws

As winter weather continues to wreak havoc on cities across the nation, key industries are feeling the brunt of the effects, including agriculture. Extreme cold and abnormal temperature drops impact livestock, crops, and the families that dedicate their lives to growth and production, including delays in spring planting.

Safety First – Farm Show Spotlights Truck Safety

On Monday, February 17th, Westfield representatives presented at the annual Farm Truck Awareness Safety Day. The well-attended event took place at Buckeye Harvesting LLC, in Sabina, Ohio and included several local Ohio sponsors including the Ohio State University Extension.

4 Ways Technology Drives Growth on the Modern Farm

Emerging national trends are forcing farmers to rethink processes and increasingly look to technology for solutions. The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) recently put a focus on the role of agricultural technologies to meet these challenges in their report, Food Security in a World Headed Toward Natural Resource Scarcity: The Role of Agricultural Technologies.

Can It! The Safest and Healthiest Options for Canned Food

The convenience that canned food brings makes it a staple in the grocery store aisle. Need proof? The next time you are at the store, take a walk up each of the rows and note the number of cans. They line the shelves as a quick and simple solution for produce, grain and proteins, but with a hidden risk that could turn an otherwise healthy choice into a medical misfortune. The culprit? A relatively illusive culprit named Bisphenol-A, or BPA, an industrial chemical used since the 1960s to protect cans ingredients from contamination. While BPA keeps canned food items fresh […]

Westfield’s Guide to Grain Bins: 3 Safety Lessons Learned

Last year, no less than 19 grain entrapments occurred in the United States, according to research compiled by Purdue University’s Agricultural Safety and Health Program, which documents confined space incidents in agriculture. While down from 2011, and significantly down from 2010’s all-time high of 57, the occurrence of these incidents still leaves room for education on safety and techniques for prevention. Early last month, a number of Westfield Insurance Risk Control Unit and Commercial Agribusiness/Farm Division employees gathered at the University of Akron campus in Medina County, Ohio to bring greater awareness to the common hazards associated with grain bin […]

Do Farmers Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

We wanted to share this post from our sister blog, The Commercial Line, as this topic is relevant and important to our readers of Grains of Knowledge.

From a farm and agribusiness side, our underwriters tell us they are seeing more dairy and grain farmers adding this coverage to their farm accounts. They see and sometimes experience, the gap they have to a potential loss without this important coverage. The potential return on the investment is well worth the price of the coverage.

3 Ways the 2013 Farm Bill Will Affect You

With the Farm Bill narrowly passing through the house recently, it’s important to understand how some provisions may affect you and your community. Typically conservative, both The American Farm Bureau Federation and the National Farmers union, urged lawmakers to vote against the bill. However, the legislation passed 216 to 208, and here are our 3 key takeaways from the newly passed bill: 1. Food Stamps and Local Food Banks The most widely discussed and debated piece of the legislation revolved around the absence of any mention of food stamps. Historically, the farm bill covered budgeting for the above topic. This absence […]

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