Grains of Knowledge

Is your Farm Estate protected?

Do you have a high value farm estate? Do you have a home on your farm that is valued at $250,000 or greater? If so, look no further than your local independent agent’s office and ask for the new High Value Home endorsement from Westfield Insurance to protect your assets.

Farm Labor Contractors

In the United States, Workers Compensation insurance is typically provided by private insurance companies (like Westfield), however there are four states who have special legislation that requires Workers Compensation coverage be provided exclusively by that State’s Designated Workers Compensation program (and insurance through the private market is not an option). Those states include: Ohio, Washington, North Dakota and Wyoming.

Day in the Life of Risk Control

Last month I had the pleasure of spending time with one of our senior risk control field representatives, Brian Musser, who has the very important job of providing safety, service and security to our customers, agents and employees. Spending time in a bio-hazard suit and the smell of poultry buildings brings out the best in anyone, so I choose to interview my partner for the day.  I was pleased and wanted to share his story with others. Question:  Tell me about your job and what you do all day? Answer:  My role with Westfield working in risk control is to help the team write quality risk, reduce […]

Spontaneous Combustion of Hay Stacks

As I made the trek into work this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the neatly raked windrows of freshly mown hay as I attempted to see through the raindrops on my windshield. My mind naturally drifted to the fact that although the weather forecast was calling for mostly cloudy skies today, it looks like rain for the weekend – while my family should luck out this time around as we’re making second cutting haylage today (which can withstand a higher moisture content), others in our area are likely to be baling and could be setting themselves up for a possible hay fire if not careful.

The Westfield Dairy Farm

Would you be surprised to know that Westfield used to own and operate a dairy farm?    It makes sense that dairy farms would be a target class of business for an insurance company’s farm and agribusiness department, but most of those associated with Westfield Insurance don’t know that we used to own one! Westfield Insurance (formerly Ohio Farmers Insurance Company or OFIC) was founded in 1848 by farmers, for farmers after a local resident was victim to a total fire loss.  The resident’s insurance policy did not respond as it was written through a fraudulent company.  This devastating loss spurred […]

10 Tips on Attracting an Insurance Suitor: Meeting the insurance and risk management needs of large agricultural businesses

It’s Saturday night and you know you have a date with the girl or guy of your dreams.  What might you do to get ready for the date? Well, if you’re interested in making a good impression, you’re going to want to clean up and dress up. You’re going to “put your best foot forward.” The same is true if you’re presenting your business and its risks to insurance carriers, in the hope of negotiating the best coverage and terms. Try to think of your agent as a matchmaker and the carriers as your partner in protecting your business from […]

How much insurance should I buy for my building?

There are many decisions to make when purchasing insurance coverage. One of the most important is the limit of insurance you choose to buy. For buildings, the limit should be high enough to rebuild the structure and replace fixtures at current replacement value. This isn’t the same as the market value or the tax valuation. Instead it’s the price a contractor would charge to build the structure from scratch including their materials and profit. Most insurers require that the amount of coinsurance on property be at least 80% of its replacement cost; however, some companies may require 100%. It is […]

Produce growers, farms not exempt from theft

Before an audience of growers and mostly small-scale retailers, loss prevention directors from two well-known Cleveland supermarket chains spoke at the Ohio Produce Growers and Marketers Association annual congress in Sandusky about the importance of a loss-prevention plan and how it should be implemented. via Adding crime coverage to your Westfield commercial package policy is a great way to help mitigate direct losses to your business. Please work with your independent agent to learn how to purchase this coverage.