Grains of Knowledge

Falling Short on Safety: Residential Construction Guidelines

After witnessing extensive house damage during severe storms in the earlier months of this year, I am fascinated at how residential roofing contractors perform the work they do.  Newer houses, at least where I live, have very steep slopes – the kind that if you are not tied off or use some means to prevent falling, you likely will find yourself on the ground and not feeling so well.  via

Construction Work Outside: Heat and Sun Exposure

It is that time of year when the sun rays are more direct and radiant heat directly from the sun and ground (concrete, asphalt, turf, etc.) can take its toll on workers who perform most of their occupational duties outside. via

Insurance Coverage for Food Recalls

What do Pig Ear Pet Treats and Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste have in common?  The same as grape tomatoes and ice cream – all have been subject to recent recalls by the Food and Drug Administration.  Foodborne illnesses as a result of contaminated food products continue to be cause for vigilance among consumers for foods that we and our pets consume daily. Food produced in the United States continues to be the safest in the world, but occasionally it becomes necessary to remove products from the shelves and get them out of circulation because of some type of […]

Flooding and Insurance: What You Need to Know

With all the recent photos of devastation in the news from the extreme rain and flooding, chances are you may be asking yourself, am I covered if this happens to me? Will my homeowners insurance respond? You are not alone, as many recent articles and blogs have covered this subject.

Farms on Alert Following Copper Thefts

With the continued fluctuation of the commodity markets, some metals become an attractive target for thieves. The following highlights some of the recent concerns on theft of copper from center-pivot irrigation systems. We have seen claims activity of theft of copper over the past year, but there are still some precautions to consider so your farm and property are not a target.

Will You Be Caught Unprepared in a Tornado?

I dreamed last night that I was in a tornado.  I grabbed the cat (I don’t have a cat) because I knew the dog would come willingly.  My family and friends (I didn’t recognize any of those people) crouched down in the basement area while the tornado went over.  I woke up when I realized the cat was no longer in my grasp.  Crazy dream, right?! via

Agricultural Insurance on the Rise

A recent edition of Insurance Journal Magazine, “Demand for Agricultural Insurance Coverages Expected to Grow”, described the insurance implications of the growing demand for food.

Livestock in the Road: Is There Coverage?

Customers commonly ask us as underwriters about coverage in the following scenario:

I am a farmer raising beef cattle. (You could substitute any livestock into this scenario.) My cattle are out to pasture, and there is a break in the fence that has not been repaired or someone left the gate open. My cattle wander into the road and are hit by an oncoming car. Is there coverage?

Before, During and After the Storm – Be Prepared for Winter Weather!

It is only the beginning of February, and it seems as if the winter has lasted forever in Northeast Ohio and many parts of the country. As much of our nation is currently in the midst of or bracing for another major storm, there are many resources that offer advice on tips for staying safe before, during and after the winter storm.