Grains of Knowledge

Practice Safe Cider!

Happy Fall! Look around and you will see leaves turning brilliant colors, and pumpkins are all around grocery stores and farm stands near you. To help celebrate this new season, many people enjoy fresh apple cider and juices. A recent article from highlighted some important information regarding “safe cider and juicing”.

There once was a cow that ate chips…

So what do Angus cattle and snack foods have in common?  More than you can imagine!  Earlier this week our team had the opportunity to attend an educational tour of a snack food manufacturer in Nottingham, PA and discovered the connection! The Herr Food Company was founded in 1946 by James S Herr and continues to be run and managed by his family.  Most of the waste generated by the manufacturing facility is used for their nearby Herr Angus Farm.  Any product that does not meet quality standards is used for cattle feed as well as water discharge used for irrigation and potato skins for fodder. Here […]