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Cultivating Growth: Westfield’s Promise to Agribusiness Customers

Cultivating Growth: Westfield’s Promise to Agribusiness Customers The following is the second post in a two-part series on our Agribusiness brand. The series will give an overview of our brand and its history, and how it impacts our customers moving forward. In a previous post, we discussed the promise of Westfield’s Agribusiness Department. But, how do they impact you, our valued customer? Westfield is committed to not only providing reliable insurance solutions, but also to providing valuable advice and insight into helping your business grow. Westfield understands the competitiveness of the agricultural industry, the evolving nature of the industry itself […]

The Westfield Insurance Agribusiness Exchange

How can we bring added value to you or your company? This is a question all departments in Westfield ask to better serve their clients. Last month, Westfield hosted the third annual agribusiness exchange in an effort to further improve and refine client services. The event featured customers, agents and special guests. Agribusiness Exchange is simply two days of customer, agency and company relationship buildings peppered with informational meetings to share information on the growing trends in the industry. This year, Westfield had two outstanding spotlight speakers: Joi Johnson (Red Gold, Inc.) and Ryan P. Kennedy (Roetzel) Joi Johnson intrigued us all with her presentation on Red Gold […]

2013 Georgia Farmer of the Year – A Westfield Customer!

We are very pleased to announce that Mr. Will Harris from Bluffton, Ga. has been named the Georgia Farmer of the Year!  He is the owner of White Oak Pastures, a large organic farm in that provides high-quality natural meat products to upscale grocery stores and restaurants. Mr. Harris has been farming for over 35 years and currently operates a farm that includes: 700 beef cows 400 ewes in his sheep operation 50 nannies in the goat herd 30 sows in the hog herd 150 doe rabbits 300,000 chickens are raised annually 3,000 geese and ducks 5,000 turkeys and 5,000 guinea fowl Our hearty congratulations to Mr. Harris and his operation for this […]

Food News & You

It seems to be as rampant as weeds in the yard this time of year…news of food recalls and safety scares. You heard about it in the news, on the radio, and on-line..meat recall, spinach scare, salmonella and many many others. So how can you and your customers be safe, secure and learn more about the truth versus the media “hype” around food safety?  Here are some tips, resources and advice to consider with regards to food safety.  While this is not to be a full and complete list, this is a smart start to get to the facts and […]

It’s All About the Beef

The 26th Annual Ohio Beef Expo was held March 15-17th in Columbus, Ohio, which is an event produced by the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association. This event features trade show exhibitors, a genetics exhibit, breed shows and displays, seedstock sales, seminars, a junior show, and various youth events. One of the best things about this event is that it is FREE! Trade Show The trade show portion of the expo utilizes both indoor and outdoor space where participants can set up booths promoting their businesses.  This allows business owners to meet and interact with existing customers as well as engage in conversations with potential customers. At this year’s expo, over 100 […]

The Office of the Ohio Treasurer Offers Financial Program to Local Farmers

Farmland encompasses 14.3 million acres across 75,700 individual farms in the state of Ohio, according to the Ohio Farm Bureau. The Office of the Ohio Treasurer also reported that Ohio agriculture contributes $98 million to the economy annually. Agriculture is a pivotal asset in the Buckeye state; such an asset must be protected. However, each year, a farmer’s output and return are dependent on uncontrollable risks, such as the cost of fuel and seed, weather, and changing market prices. Farmers often finance these costs in anticipation of an oncoming season. The state treasurer of Ohio, Josh Mandel, upholds a program to alleviate such expenses, entitled Agricultural Linked Deposit or Ag-LINK. Ag-LINK […]

Westfield Insurance at the Indiana Horticultural Congress!

The 2013 Indiana Horticultural Congress attracted farmers and growers from local and surrounding regions from January 22 – 24 at The Wyndham Indianapolis West. The event was tailored to those who cultivate fruit, wine, vegetables and organics, among other unique crops. Carrie Busic, the leader for the Central Region of Westfield’s AgriBusiness Division, delivered a special presentation at the event focused on farm insurance and industry risk management. Westfield Insurance has represented the farming industry for 165 years, so as Carrie says, “Our commitment to agriculture is strong!” Carrie put emphasis on the importance of risk management. Comparatively, farming is a risky business. Common Risks to Recognize Because of the […]

The Meat of a Thanksgiving Feast

With Fall in full swing and Thanksgiving fast approaching, many people are planning the menu for Thanksgiving meals and are thinking about turkey. The Poultry Industry When people hear the word “poultry,” many think of chicken and turkey; however, duck, geese, and other domesticated fowl are considered to be poultry. The United States is the world’s top producer of poultry, and most of the commercial production consists of broilers, which are chickens younger than 13 weeks old. Production in 2010 equated to the broiler industry generating $45 billion in retail. Turkey production is a smaller portion of the poultry industry; however, turkey is ranked as American consumer’s #4 choice when it comes […]

Preparation is Key

This blog article was written by one of our partner agents, Western Growers, and is a great source of information, tips and things you need to know to be prepared for an OSHA inspection.  As you may know, OSHA inspections can occur anytime with or without warning. Please read the following for more information on how to be prepared: For more information about Western Growers, please click here: