Grains of Knowledge

Grain Bin Technology: Saving Lives

When a non-farmer thinks grain bins, their mind probably goes to driving through the countryside and seeing the sun shine off giant metal silos. To a farmer, these “silos” can also be viewed as a death trap. But thanks to new grain bin technology, these deaths can be minimized and may be prevented all together.   Grain Entrapment: The Human Toll When you are lowered into a silo, are you tethered to an escape system with an observer watching? Last year, 18 deaths occurred due to grain entrapment partly because these OSHA rules were not followed.  And the toll is […]

Agritainment – What’s the Issue?

In today’s agricultural scene, farmers have become creative in finding new ways to earn income in addition to the traditional farming practices of growing crops or raising livestock. One of those supplemental avenues is called agritainment, which is also known as agritourism.

Five ways to reduce the risk of a combustible dust explosion

The ingredients for grain dust explosion are common in a farm environment: fuel (the dust), oxygen — which suspends the dust in the air — and an ignition source. All three ingredients can be found in grain elevators or feed mills. But the ignition source of most explosive fires is material handling equipment, such as legs and conveyors.

Preventing Listeria Outbreaks

If you made a list of what keeps agribusiness plant operators awake at night, the threat of a Listeria outbreak would be near the top. Listeria is the bacteria that causes listeriosis, a potentially life-threatening infection that can cause sepsis and meningitis, among other serious inflammatory conditions. Complicating matters, Listeria is hardier than many other forms of bacteria, able to grow in temperatures between 39 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Three tips to make your agritainment event safe for everyone

Entrepreneurial farmers across the country have discovered that seasonal events — particularly Halloween — can be opportunities to earn significant extra income. Corn mazes, hayrides, bonfires, pumpkin patches, produce markets and haunted houses and barns mark the season. This profit center even has a name: agritainment.

Five tips for the safe operation of farm equipment

Farming is one of the top 10 most dangerous occupations in America, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Farm-related injuries are often a result of long hours and close, consistent contact with heavy machinery and equipment.