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3 Reasons to Use Social Networks in the Farm/Ag Industry

We have all heard the buzz about social media and how tweets and diggs are the new way to market, but why do those in farming and agribusiness need to latch on to social media?  Here are some reasons that may entice you to dabble in the new world of blogs and tweets… 1. Seller marketplace: Consider the plethora of items in the classifieds at and many other online marketplaces that provide instant access to customers around the globe!  For buying, selling and overall marketplace awareness of prices and offerings…worth a look. 2. Troubleshooting equipment issues and concerns: Many […]

Making a Case for Monoslope Barns

The article below from AgWeb / Beef Today share the pros and cons of building monoslope strucures for beef confinement operations. Keeping in mind the winter of 2010, I’d be inclinded to think that this type of structure would be much less susceptible to collapse than traditional facilities. Futhermore, after reading the positives outlined in the article, I was reminded of the flexibility they offer when utilizing curtains for extreme weather conditions. As a side note, it’s always great to hear of situations where farmers, agribusinesses and their neighbors work together like Mr. Haywood and the others in his community!  In this situation, his […]

Proposed transportation rules in PA would affect farmers

 (Source: Flickr)  New transportation rules, if adopted in Pennsylvania, would bring the state in line with the current Federal Motor Carrier Administration's regulations for motor carriers.  (If you'd like to get more information on a specific motor carrier, check out this link to access public records via the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System). To learn more about the proposal, read the story published yesterday in the York Daily Record / York Sunday News entitled "Farmers Confused About New Transportation Regulations".