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Cultivating Growth: Westfield’s Promise to Agribusiness Customers

Cultivating Growth: Westfield’s Promise to Agribusiness Customers

The following is the second post in a two-part series on our Agribusiness brand. The series will give an overview of our brand and its history, and how it impacts our customers moving forward.

In a previous post, we discussed the promise of Westfield’s Agribusiness Department. But, how do they impact you, our valued customer? Westfield is committed to not only providing reliable insurance solutions, but also to providing valuable advice and insight into helping your business grow.

Westfield understands the competitiveness of the agricultural industry, the evolving nature of the industry itself and the different risks and scenarios that can arise. Keep reading to learn more about what our promise means for you, the customer.


Westfield Understands the Industry’s Competitive Landscape

Because many of our employees have spent a portion of their life on a farm or in the agriculture industry, we understand the highs and lows, and the competitiveness.

Your property comes with its own story. And, with that come opportunities and challenges.

With underwriters that have ag-specific insurance specialist designations and agricultural risk expertise, clients can feel confident knowing that we are always looking for ways to enhance their business and grow with them.

What does this mean for you? It means when discussing your specific needs, you can get as complex as you’d like (the more, the better!). We have the ability to adapt and create insurance and risk management solutions that best fit your needs.


Westfield Knows the Agricultural and Farming Industry

Nearly 170 years of proven experience is a big deal. Our story and longstanding history in the agribusiness and farming industry is unique. It represents more than a century of clients and businesses we’ve helped along the way, an integral part of their journey to success. Clients can rest assured that their agent knows and understands agribusinesses just as well as they do.

Whether it’s digital disruption on the farm or the Internet of Things’ impact on your business and assets, Westfield’s network of agents is consistently up to date with the right solutions to help your business flourish. Our network spans across different niches and geographies to stay on top of emerging trends and risks that impact agribusinesses across the region.


Westfield Understands Your Unique Risks

Finally, with a collection of specialized risk experts in the agricultural industry, Westfield can effectively assess and provide solutions unique to your agribusiness operation. Westfield agents consistently educate themselves on various risk profiles, including food safety, consequences of alternative energy, dairy farming, natural disasters and more.

With adaptability and a proven track record of industry expertise, we can find the solutions that strengthen competitiveness, cultivate growth and enhance your business for years to come.

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