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Cultivating Growth: Our Farm & Agribusiness Pillars of Strength

Cultivating Growth: Our Farm and Agribusiness Pillars of Strength

The following is the first post in a two-part series on our Agribusiness brand. This series will offer an overview of our brand and its history, and how it impacts our customers moving forward.

Our Agribusiness Department (ABD) has been a cultivator of growth and success for the farm and agriculture industries for nearly 170 years. Even after so many years, the core of our business has always come down to the people—our team, agents, staff and support, and most importantly our customers.

But, what truly separates Westfield from other providers?

Westfield has been engrained in the farming industry since 1848. Our team of agents and professionals are dedicated to agribusiness and the success of the American farmer—many of whom have grown up, or worked on a farm. Their commitment shines through in the work they do, our products and the care of our customers.

A Promise to Our Customers and Agents — Westfield’s 5 Pillars

Westfield’s ABD brand promise comes down to five key pillars that encourage and cultivate growth: Commitment, Adaptability, Credibility, Intelligence and Community.

These pillars help our agents and team lay a strategic foundation for your business that goes beyond providing solutions, but rather enriches the farm you’ve already built.


Commitment to Our Joint Success

As mentioned before, our commitment to the agriculture and farming industries stems from our many years living, and working, in the business. Many members of our team have grown and developed with the industry, working through its many years of challenges and opportunities. We continue to make investments to grow this particular niche market, as well as the segments within farming and commercial agriculture that present the best opportunities for profitable growth.


Adaptability to an Evolving Industry and Needs

We understand that no two clients are the same. Our adaptability to each business maximizes opportunities and helps develop a customized process to help your business reach its goals.


Credibility Through Experience and Strategic Investment

Westfield “gets” its customers and can easily speak to the complexities of owning and managing an agricultural business. Our ABD was founded and built on farmer’s needs, enhancing our credibility and knowledge in the industry.

With our approach and regular investment, we are able to manage the complexity of services and enhance underwriting, claims processing and client services.


Equipped with Industry Intelligence, Knowledge and Expertise

Westfield strives to be more than just a provider for our clients. Our agents’ intelligence and expertise about agricultural and farming needs has allowed the company to establish and retain clients, some for more than half a century. Clients are provided with expert advice and powerful insight to help them make crucial decisions that keep their business moving forward.


Culture Centered Around the Community

Finally, perhaps the most important pillar of Westfield’s brand promise is community, founded on Westfield agents’ backgrounds, expertise and client base. Farming and agriculture are embedded in Westfield’s culture.

Our agents and teams know the true value of enriching the world we live, work and play in with the most up-to-date technology and solutions.

At Westfield ABD, clients can expect and trust in a true partnership based on industry knowledge and expertise to help drive success for their business. As a trusted partner not only for insurance, but also for industry insight, Westfield is committed to the success and growth of each client’s business.

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