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The Westfield Insurance Agribusiness Exchange

WFI_AgHow can we bring added value to you or your company?
This is a question all departments in Westfield ask to better serve their clients.

Last month, Westfield hosted the third annual agribusiness exchange in an effort to further improve and refine client services. The event featured customers, agents and special guests.

Agribusiness Exchange is simply two days of customer, agency and company relationship buildings peppered with informational meetings to share information on the growing trends in the industry.

This year, Westfield had two outstanding spotlight speakers: Joi Johnson (Red Gold, Inc.) and Ryan P. Kennedy (Roetzel)

Joi Johnson intrigued us all with her presentation on Red Gold Inc., detailing the process Red Gold goes through to fully commit to their mission statement “to produce the freshest, best tasting tomato products in the world.” Johnson discussed several reigning factors that contribute to a food safe operation, including:

  • Prerequisite programs, such as Pest Management, Foreign Material Controls, Training Programs, Food Safety.
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP).
  • Third party audits.
  • Food delivery traceability.
  • Vendor responsibility and accountability for safe food handling.

Red Gold holds all of its vendors to the same high standards to which they hold themselves. They ask all vendors provide proof of HACCP, Food Safety Plans and third party audit information.

Ryan P. Kennedy of Roetzel spoke next. He provided insight related to food regulations from a legal perspective. Kennedy discussed key components of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), including supplier and risk management, increased FDA authority, food safety plans, audits and more.

Kennedy also touched on food litigation trends related to health claims, natural litigation, labeling, and food poisoning.

Stay In-the-Know on Industry Happenings

It is key for business owners and employees to stay updated on industry trends and regulations. By attending meetings like this one, we can better educate our peers and share knowledge with our business community. At Westfield, we strive to continually bring value to a dynamic industry.

Did you attend the Agribusiness Exchange? What main takeaways did you garner from the event? Feel free to share below! 

This post was written by Bianca Canestraro, who is currently a junior at The University of Toledo, studying Marketing and Electronic Commerce.  Bianca is currently interning in the Agribusiness Division at Westfield Insurance.