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Food News & You

It seems to be as rampant as weeds in the yard this time of year…news of food recalls and safety scares. You heard about it in the news, on the radio, and on-line..meat recall, spinach scare, salmonella and many many others.

So how can you and your customers be safe, secure and learn more about the truth versus the media “hype” around food safety?  Here are some tips, resources and advice to consider with regards to food safety.  While this is not to be a full and complete list, this is a smart start to get to the facts and take necessary action or precaution, with the foods we eat.

For starters, there are some excellent newsletters and websites that share information daily with weekly updates, depending on your interest and location:

  1. Food safety news –
  2. Federal Food Safety information –
  3. Bloomberg has a topical section –
  4. FDA –
  5. State extension offices – these vary based on your location.  Some good ones include:

Iowa State –;
Ohio State –

In addition, updates to the Food Safety Modernization Act are important to watch and monitor. Here is a site to watch for news, events and updates to this legislation:

While the regular media may highlight food safety news and recalls, it is important to do your own research and come up with personal choices for you and others.

What sites do you visit for updates on food safety items?  We would love to hear from you and please share your comments below.