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A cure for the cantaloupe?

MelonsPost written by Stacey Bruce

Melons can be dangerous to your health.  Melons are not considered risky until they are sliced.  If there are any bacteria on the rinds of the melons (such as E-coli germs) and once sliced, they contaminate the entire melon.  There are ways to limit any potential contamination, such as washing, however it is not foolproof. This short 3 minute video has some good information as well as the results of a washing test on apples:

It is very important when you buy melons to wash the rinds.  This will reduce any bacteria that may contaminate the fruit.  You must also keep your knives and cutting boards clean.

A recent article from Food Safety News talked about a possible solution to help cure the cantaloupe of its dangerous reputation.  Here is the link to the article:

We would love to hear from you.  How to do you keep your produce safe?  Do you think pasteurization is the cure?