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After The Storm..What You Need To Know

Eye of stormPost written by Stacey Bruce

With the brunt of Hurricane Sandy behind us, it is now time to review, assess and begin the clean up process.  For many people still without power, they will stay in the “assess” phase until power can be restored.  For those folks who have power today, it is important to assess your home, yard, belongings and neighbors.  Be on the look out for downed power lines and high-standing water on the roads.  Stay off the roads if you can and protect your property from any further damage.

This website offers great tips on what to do before, during and after a hurricane:

Here are some key tips the site offers for what to do after a hurricane:

  • Keep watching local news and/or NOAA weather radio for updates
  • Only return home after officials say it is safe (if you had to evacuate your residence)
  • Inspect your home (inside and outside) for damage.  Take photos of the damages for insurance purposes.  Avoid self-repairs.
  • If you need help locating family, reach out to FEMA or the American Red Cross
  • Check your refridgerator for food spoilage.  Remember the mantra..if in doubt, throw it out!
  • Use battery powered flashlights and do not use candles

Here are some additional sites that provide useful resources, tools and information:

FEMA also has a Facebook page for updated information:

Here are some state specific sites for alerts, news and updates:

For any questions on your personal or business insurance coverages, please reach out to your Westfield independent agent.  Here is a link to our website for information on locating your agent and other updates:

Please be safe and stay informed.