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Do you have ROPS in place to protect you?

Post written by Stacey Bruce

One statistic the state of Pennsylvania is not proud of is the large number of tractor rollover fatalities.  Between the years 2000-2008, over 55 farm-related tractor rollover deaths occurred in Pennsylvania alone.  One in 10 farmers will overturn a tractor in their lifetime, and one in seven farmers who are involved in a tractor rollover are permanently disabled.  And experience alone is not enough to protect you; an alarming 80 percent of tractor rollovers happen to highly experienced tractor operators.

So how can you avoid these statistics and be safe and secure in your tractor?  How can you be assured that neither you nor your workers will succumb to a tractor accident?

ROPS is here to help!   ROPS stands for Rollover Protective Structure.  ROPS is a rebate program that will provide up to 70% of the cost to purchase and install the protective equipment that prevents tractor rollovers.   ROPS are designed to limit tractor roll by 90 degrees.  If a tractor doesroll, it will not roll on its side.  The combination of seat belts and ROPS is 99% effective in preventing rollover deaths.

The Westfield Insurance Foundation is a proud supporter of this program and recently donated $15,000 to the Pennsylvanis State University for Rollover Protective Structures Retrofit Program for Pennsylvania Farmers (PA ROPS). PA ROPS

If you’d like more information on ROPS in PA, please visit this website: call the ROPS hotline:  1-877-ROPS-R4U or 1-877-767-7748





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  1. Dewa says:

    I believe that satefy requirements such as this need to be extended to all quad bikes, regardless of use. This can only come about if all manufacturers voluntarily provided roll bars or had them fitted at POS, or Agencies such as Fair Trading stepped in to cover satefy issues for quads sold for recreational purposes. Seat belts are compulsory in all vehicles, and not just those used for work Similar principles should apply to recreational quads and not just those used for work purposes.

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